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Woody Allen by `96 Ragnhild Paalsrud

Born: Allen Stewart Konigsberg
Birthday: December 1, 1935
Parents: Born to Martin and Nettie Konigsberg

His life:
1938- Sees his first movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He remembers    "running" up to touch the screen.
1948- Bar Mitzvah
1950- He learns to play his clarinet.
1952 - Allen Stewart Konigsberg adopts the name "Woody Allen." He also sees his first Bergman film, Summer With Monika.
1953- Graduates from Midwood High School and enrolls in NYU. Fails the class "Motion Picture Production." He begins to write professional comedy for David Alber at $20 a week.
1955 to 58- Makes a career writing comedy for television programs. His talents earn him an Emmy nomination.
1959- Woody begins analysis.
1960- Woody makes his first professional stand-up appearance at the Blue Angel in Manhattan.
1962- Receives his first major review of his standup career. It is positive.
1963 to 77- Woody gains notoriety as a guest of many popular television shows during the time including The Tonight Show. He eventually guest hosts The Tonight Show.
1964- Releases the comedy album, Woody Allen.
1965- Releases his second comedy album, Woody Allen, Volume 2.
1967- Woody and NBC are sued by his ex-wife for "holding her up to scorn and ridicule."
1965- Releases his third comedy album called, oddly enough, The Third Woody Allen Album.
1969- Woody's play, Play It Again, Sam, opens on Broadway. the play is published this year.
1970- Woody buys the apartment on Central Park East where he still lives.
1971- Begins his Monday night performances with the New Orleans Funeral and Ragtime Orchestra at Michael's Pub in Manhattan. Getting Even is published.
1975- Without Feathers is published.
1976- The comic strip Inside Woody Allen is published in 180 newspapers and runs until 1984 .
1978- Woody Allen's film Annie Hall wins the Oscars for Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Actress. Woody plays his clarinet as he always does and is not there to receive the award.
1980- Side Effects is published.
1981- The play, The Floating Lightbulb, opens in New York.
1984- Woody sues Video Review magazine for an ad in which a celebrity look-a-like is seen renting videos. Woody feels the ad is "fraudulent" and embarrassing. The suit is settled out of court.
1985- Woody and Mia Farrow adopt Dylan O'Sullivan Farrow.
1986- Protesting Apartheid, Woody will not allow his films to be shown in South Africa.
1987 - Woody is elected as an honorary member of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters. Woody and Mia Farrow have a child together. The baby is a boy named Satchel O'Sullivan Farrow.
1990- Joined by the likes of Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese, Woody assists in the founding of the Film Foundation. This group is dedicated to the preservation of American film heritage

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