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Hedy Lamarr & Clark Gable
Image from Clarence Bull at MGM 1940 from "Boomtown"
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Hedy Lamarr

Birth name
Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler
Date of birth (location)
9 November 1913,
Vienna, Austria
Date of death (details)
19 January 2000,
Orlando, Florida, USA. (natural causes)
Mini biography
Hedwig Eva Kiesler from Vienna in Austria was a student of the theatre

The Most Beautiful Woman In Films

Mini biography
Hedwig Eva Kiesler from Vienna in Austria was a student of the theatre director 'Max Reinhardt' in Berlin. Since 1930 she worked in Czechoslovakian and German cinema productions; her most famous movie was "Extase (1932)" which converted her to 'Modern Eva' in 1933 and also gave her the opportunity to go to Hollywood where she was contracted by 'MGM'. 'MGM' did not only change her artistic name to 'Hedy Lamarr' but also prepared a new image of an elegant but cool and adventurous woman for her like e.g. in "Algiers (1938)" or "White Cargo (1942)". But as Hollywood did not allow her more but decorative roles she left the business definitely in 1957.
IMDb mini-biography by
Volker Boehm
Mini biography
On November 9, 1913, Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler was born in Vienna. Austria to a banker and his wife. Hedwig, who obviously became Hedy, had a rather calm childhood, but it was cinema that fascinated her. By the time she was a teenager, she decided to drop out of school and seek her fame as an actress. Her first role was a bit part in the German film GELD AUF DER STRASE(aka MONEY ON THE STREET) in 1930. She was attractive and talented enough to be in three more German productions in 1931, but it would be her fifth film that would catapult her to worldwide fame. In 1932, Hedy appeared in a German film called EXTASY and had made the gutsy move to be nude. It's the story of a young girl who is married to a gentleman much younger than she, but she winds up falling in love with a young soldier. The movie's nude scenes created a sensation all over the world. The scenes, while very tame by today's standards, caused the film to be banned by the US government at the time. Hedy soon married Fritz Mandl, who was a munitions manufactuer and a Nazi sympathizer, He attempted to buy up all the prints of EXTASY he could lay his hands on. Even Italy's dictator, Benito Mussolini, had a copy and refused to sell it to Mandl. It turned out to be a complete waste of money because there are still several prints floating around the world today. The gutsy move to be nude brought Hollywood to her door. Certain people brought her to the attention of Louis B. Mayer who signed her to a contract against his judgement due to her nude performance. But it was the dollar signs that made him do it due to her notoriety. However, he insisted she change her name and make good, wholesome films. Besides, nudity would never pass the Hays Office(the censorship agency). Hedy made her USA debut as Gaby in the 1938 film ALGIERS. This was followed a year later with LADY OF THE TROPICS. In 1942, she landed the plum role of Tondelayo in the classic, WHITE CARGO. After World War Two, her career began to decline and MGM decided it would be in the interst of all concerned if her contract were not renewed. Unfortunately, for Hedy, she turned down the leads in both GASLIGHT and CASABLANCA. What this would have done to cement her in the minds of the American public! In 1949, she appeared as Delilah opposite Victor Mature in SAMSON AND DELILAH. This film proved to be Paramount Studios biggest movie to date bringing in $12 million in rental from theaters. The success of the film led to more parts but it was not enough to ease her financial crunch. She was to make only six more films between 1949 and 1957, the last being THE FEMALE ANIMAL.
'Lewis J. Boies' (4 March 1963 - 21 June 1965) (divorced; separated 15 October 1964)
'W. Howard Lee' (December 1953 - 1960) (divorced)
'Ted Stauffer' (1951 - 1952) (divorced)
John Loder (1943 - 1947) (divorced)
Gene Markey (5 March 1939 - 1940) (divorced)
'Fritz Mandl' (10 August 1933 - 1937) (divorced)

Hedy's credited invention was for a radio guiding system for torpedoes which was used in WWII. She supposedly gained the knowledge from her first husband, Fritz Mandl, A Viennese munitions dealer who sided with the Nazis. Hedy drugged her maid to escape her husband and homeland.

Children: Anthony (b. 1947), Denise (b. 1945), and James (b. 1939)

Sued Mel Brooks for mocking her name in his film Blazing Saddles (1974) (they settled out of court)

(April 1998) Sued software company Corel Corporation for using her photo on the cover of software product CorelDRAW.

(11 August 1942) Hedy Lamarr, under her married name Hedy Kiesler Markey, was awarded patent #2,292,387, along with co-inventor George Antheil, for a "Secret Communication System". This seminal invention was the first instance of spread-spectrum communications based on frequency-hopping techniques.

After a screen test, it was Louis B. Mayer who changed her last name to Lamarr in honor of silent film star Barbara La Marr.

Arrested for shoplifting in January 1966. Found not guilty.

Arrested for shoplifting in 1991. One year probation.

She had 2 children and 1 adopted son with John Loder.
Personal quotes

"I must quit marrying men who feel inferior to me. Somewhere there must be a man who could be my husband and not feel inferior. I need a superior inferior man."

My problem is, I'm a hell of a nice dame, The most horrible whores are famous. I did what I did for love. The others did it for money.

Any girl can be glamorous, all you have to do is stand still and look stupid.

If you use your imagination, you can look at any actress and see her nude, I hope to make you use your imagination

"Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid."

Biography from Leonard Maltin's Movie Encyclopedia:
Actress. (b. Nov. 9, 1913, Vienna, as Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler.) One of the most beautiful actresses ever to grace the screen, she entered the film business in her native Austria, initially working as a script girl before making her acting debut in 1930's Geld auf der Strasse billed as Hedy Kiesler. She created an international sensation with her role in Gustav Machaty's Extase (1933, released in the U.S. as Ecstasy), which called for her to appear completely nude and simulate orgasm. The resulting furor drove her from the screen, and her Austrian husband made a feeble attempt to buy the film and withdraw it from circulation.

She came to America in 1938, and was immediately signed by producer Walter Wanger, who cast her opposite Charles Boyer in his exotic melodrama Algiers later that year. Billed as Hedy Lamarr, the dark, radiant beauty displayed a figure much streamlined from that on view in Ecstasy and while her acting ability was plainly more limited than her command of the English language, she made an impressive Hollywood debut.

MGM signed the glamorous beauty in 1939, occasionally giving her suitably exotic roles-as in Lady of the Tropics (1939) and White Cargo (1942, which saw her steaming up movie screens everywhere as the seductive, sarong-clad Tondelayo)-but frequently putting her in mainstream films, opposite the studio's biggest stars, that often strained her meager talents to the utmost. Her MGM films include I Take This Woman, Boom Town, Comrade X (all 1940), Come Live With Me, Ziegfeld Girl(all 1941),H.M. Pulham, Esq (also 1941, and probably her best performance, as an independentthinking career woman), Tortilla Flat, Crossroads (both 1942), The Heavenly Body (1943), Her Highness and the Bellboy (1945, one of her more charming efforts), and, after she'd been freelancing for several years, A Lady Without Passport (1950). Her other films, which most often cast her as an enigmatic femme fatale, include The Conspirators, Experiment Perilous (both 1944), The Strange Woman (1946), Dishonored Lady (1947), Let's Live a Little (1948), Samson and Delilah (1949, as the notorious Old Testament temptress, one of her best roles), Copper Canyon (1950), My Favorite Spy (1951), The Love of Three Queens (1953), The Story of Mankind and The Female Animal (both 1957). Lamarr, who made headlines in 1965 when arrested for shoplifting (she was later exonerated), was married six times; her husbands included screenwriter Gene Markey and actor John Loder. Her "autobiography," "Ecstasy and Me," was published in 1966; she later sued her ghostwriters for allegedly misrepresenting her story.
Filmography as: Actress, Notable TV guest appearances
Actress - filmography
(1980s) (1970s) (1960s) (1950s) (1940s) (1930s)

Entertaining the Troops (1989)

That's Action (1977) .... Hedy Lamarr
"World at War, The" (1974) (mini) TV Series (archive footage) (uncredited) .... Herself (raises money for the war effort)

Love Goddesses, The (1965) .... Herself
... aka Love Goddesses: A History of Sex in the Cinema, The (1965)

Female Animal, The (1957) .... Vanessa Windsor
Story of Mankind, The (1957) .... Joan of Arc
Amante di Paride, L' (1953) .... Hedy Windsor/Helen of Troy/Empress Josephine/Geneviève de Brabant
... aka Cavalieri dell'illusione, I (1953) (Italy)
... aka Face That Launched a Thousand Ships, The (1953) (UK)
... aka Loves of Three Queens (1953) (USA)
My Favorite Spy (1951) .... Lily Dalbray
Copper Canyon (1950) .... Lisa Roselle
Lady Without Passport, A (1950) .... Marianne Lorress

Samson and Delilah (1949) .... Delilah
Let's Live a Little (1948) .... Dr. J.O. Loring
Dishonored Lady (1947) .... Madeleine Damien
Strange Woman, The (1946) .... Jenny Hager
Her Highness and the Bellboy (1945) .... Princess Veronica
Experiment Perilous (1944) .... Alida Bederaux
Conspirators, The (1944) .... Irene
Heavenly Body, The (1943) .... Vicky Whitley
Show Business at War (1943) .... Herself
... aka March of Time Volume IX, Issue 10, The (1943)
Crossroads (1942) .... Lucienne Talbot
White Cargo (1942) .... Tondelayo
Tortilla Flat (1942) .... Dolores "Sweets" Ramirez
H.M. Pulham, Esq. (1941) .... Marvin Myles aka Mrs. John Ransom
Come Live with Me (1941) .... Johanna Janns (Johnny Jones)
Ziegfeld Girl (1941) .... Sandra Kolter
Miracle of Sound, The (1940) .... Herself
Comrade X (1940) .... Theodora (Golubka)
Boom Town (1940) .... Karen Vanmeer

Lady of the Tropics (1939) .... Manon deVargnes
I Take This Woman (1939) .... Georgi Gragore
Algiers (1938) .... Gaby (Gabrielle)
Extase (1932) (as Hedy Kiesler) .... Eva
... aka Ecstasy (1932) (USA)
... aka Symphonie der Liebe (1932)
... aka Symphony of Love (1932)
Blumenfrau von Lindenau, Die (1931) .... Secretary
... aka Flower Woman of Lindenau, The (1931)
... aka Sturm im Wasserglas (1931)
Man braucht kein Geld (1931) (as Hedy Kiesler) .... Käthe Brandt
... aka His Majesty King Ballyhoo (1931)
... aka We Need No Money (1931) (UK: literal English title)
Koffer des Herrn O.F., Die (1931) .... Helene
... aka Build and Marry (1931)
... aka Thirteen Trunks of Mr. O.F., The (1931)
... aka Trunks of Mr. O.F., The (1931)
Geld auf der Straße (1930) (as Hedwig Kiesler) .... Young Girl at Night Club Table
... aka Money On the Street (1930)
Filmography as: Actress, Notable TV guest appearances
Notable TV guest appearances

"Zane Grey Theater" (1956) playing "Consuela Bowers" in episode: "Proud Woman" (episode # 2.4) 10/25/1957
"Toast of the Town" (1948) playing "Herself" 9/17/1950

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