Nuts about Cagney, Davis, Grant, Gable 30's? 40's

30s Stars? Astaire & Rogers, Hepburn, Harlow, & Crawford? M.G.M., R.K.O.-Warner Bros., Disney, Paramount, 20th Century, and Universal, raise your blood pressure? I am a former freelance fotographer dept. staffer at Selznick, Metro, Modern Screen, Photoplay, and Time-Life Inc. Collected autograph photos, in person, New York City 1940s-60s. Selling on E-bay since March '99. Please check my feedback. all unique signed vintage Hollywood.

Owning Repertory Cinemas On Cape Cod, Mass

My life long love & involvement as a fotog of movie stars (the phrase of "Super-Star" was invented) years before the group of wonderful Italian free-lance fotogs were nick-named "Paparazzi" surfaced in P-town, with 2 movie freaks/lovers/students Bruce Goldstein and Monty Rome and myself with help created, constructed, booked and opened three moviehouses on Cape Cod,"The Movies" , "The Cape Cinema", included. The Cape Cinema shared the vintage site of the Cape Playhouse where Bette Davis, Henry Fonda, James Sterwart, Margaret Sullivan, were stage apprentices in early 1930s. Our theater also had World Premiere of "The Wizard of Oz" in 1939.

In the 1960s, very few films where honored, re-released or even viewable outside of M.O.M.A. in NY, Paris Archives, British Film Institute, and limited at U.C.L.A. and U.S.C.

We dedicated our three cinemas to unavailable classics and played the following titles, partial list:

Prisoner of Zenda
King Kong
Duck Soup
Wizard of OZ
The Adventures of Robin Hood


Gunga Din
Footlight Serenade
Sunset Boulevard
It's a Wonderful Life


Singin' In the Rain
Esther Williams Swimsuits
All the Thin Man series
Jean Harlow, Mae West, & Garbo


Fans with golden memories drove 110 miles from Boston to enjoy Grand Hotel, Dinner at Eight, & Public Enemy.

Try to imagine a world with no video tapes, VHS players, cable TV, Hollywood classic titles were just not available, so we devoted our love of movies into making Classics available

Why I can guarantee the item(s) you buy from me are Authentic, One-of-a-kind & Identical to my scans

I pride myself on my scans. I use an 11"x17" scanner (most are 8"x10" to enable bidders to see any and all defects in the actual items they are bidding on. I despise repros, copies, later editions, and dutch auctions, as an autograph dealer since my childhood in 1944. I have always offered a lifetime guarantee of 100% money back is any autograph is not authentic. I strongly suggested as an early member of united autograph collectors to require all members to adopt this policy. Instead, they adopted the present policy of [''C.O.A..''] certificate of authenticity which in many cases, does not have I.D. of dealer, which makes subsequent buyers unable to trace provenance, and which the tiny group of "scam" dealers use to sell the small number of forgeries, secretarial and autopen signatures *(JFK). These despicable counterfeiters peddle. Still here? I offer a 100 % money back guarantee that a lobby or foto or signature is not a reproduction, copy, knock-off, phony, etc. Thanks for your time! Please reward yourself by viewing my original vintage hollywood scans at my auction and don't miss my special items on this website.

For Hollywood Golden Era Lovers

Having spent over 30 years working for producers and producing companies such as Loews Inc., Metro- Goldwyn- Mayer Inc., & David O. Selznick. It is my sublime pleasure to list and display a rare selection of Gods, Goddesses, Icons, Sycophants, and Yes-men (Thats explains why "Darryl F Zanuck's [Wahoo, Nebraska] biog is called "Don't Say Yes Until I Stop Talking").

Like you, dear reader, I have collected my favorites, who starred, wrote, directed, and produced the films that we never tire of viewing such as, "Wizard of Oz", "Adventures of Robin Hood" (both Flynn and Disney), "Gunga Din", "Casablanca", "Public Enemy", "Duck Soup", "Suspicion", "Modern Times", "Love Me Tonight", any Hope & Crosby Road to Anyplace.

Let relive those years, when we would live forever, stay in love, and "make all our dreams come true". Did Bogart say it best in "Falcon"? "The stuff that dreams are made of."

All Photos
Copyright Sig Goode


Some observations on 1940z Film-Noir

I'm a lover and student of dark, urban streets, rain-slicked, as Claire Trevor or Gloria Grahame or Audrey Totter defies Lee Marvin or Sterling Hayden or Dana Andrews to abuse her (I did not plot these scripts). I'd like to list ten(10) overlooked gems w/ great casts, direction and scripts. A very personal grouping, w/each title tested like a "Casablanca" or "Double Indemnity" or "Notorious" by repeated showings to delighted viewers over the years. To be offered by request only peek at "Violent Saturday", "The Killing", or "The Big Knife" are samples of my taste, not on the list.

My all-time favorites are any first 5 "road to- pix Zanzibar - Singapore - Morocco - Rio - Utopia'' Crosby & Hope w/Lamour are equal to Laurel & Hardy and to Rogers & Astaire & Toshiro Mifune and his sword, Cary Grant & his dimple, Turner - Leigh - Harlow - Gardner - Kerr - Crawford - Shearer even Gaaarbo in Susan Lennox: Her "Fall & Rise". Only Gable could make love to all of above, the most gorgeous screen-squeezes 1920z-1940z. He left them all limp, the big lug, Gable & ??? Great screen couples. If the Marx Bros. are still three, or is it five?

Choice two (2) Maurice Chevalier the finest, most talented, beloved, never equaled, imitated, imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, as a virile, vital, beautiful younger man, exciting Jeanette Macdonald & bemused at Myrna Loy's 1932 nymphomaniac w/ original tunes from Rodgers & Hart: "Lover" "Mimi " & "Isn't It Romantic" & more. This is the most perfect entertainment ever put up on the silver-screen. In 1941, Welles invented "Citizen Kane". In late 1959z, master Kurosawa Lensed "Rash-oman''. Vaulting Toshiro Mifune into international superstardom.

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Pictures at the pool with Sig doing a dive in the top picture and Sig standing to the (stage) right of Buster Crabbe .

These Items are FOR SALE to knowledgeable Collectors. Please ask all questions of provenance before purchase. Items are only exchangeable if autographs are not authentic.

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