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Latest (Third) Photo Section -- 37 vintage autographed photos (two pages)
Early Norma Jean / Marilyn Monroe photo with autograph


More Photo Pages -- 39 vintage autographed photos added
Photo Pages -- 105 vintage autographed photos added


B. Kliban page
James Dean Pressbook
Audie Murphy Pressbook
"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" Lobby Card
New photos of Toshiro Mifune
Portrait of Marilyn Monroe
Another "Funny Lady" poster
Brando pic w/certified autograph
Zeppo Marx check
Susan Hayward poster
Myrna Loy   & William Powell
Laurel & Hardy pic and autograph
More Brigitte Bardot autographs
Audie Murphy autographed photo
Brigitte Bardot autographs
Crosby/W.C.Fields lobby card
Marlon Brando lobby card
Nureyev lobby cards
John Waters "Pink Flamingos" poster
Claude Rains "Invisible Man" lobby card
James Dean poster
Gable Lobby card
Kubrick Posters
Directors' Index
Buddhist Thangka Painting
W.C. Fields Lobby
Garbo picture
Clockwork Orange" F.O.H. cards
John Barrymore
Maurice Chevalier photo
Barbra Streisand Lobbies
"W.C. Fields and Me" poster
Maurice Chevalier poster
Charles Chaplin poster
Barbra Streisand poster
W.C. Fields Song Sheet
Judy Garland Song Sheet
Frank Sinatra Song Sheets
Bing Crosby Song Sheets
Steve Canyon, Milton Caniff, Lee Falk, Phantom
Bob Dylan photos
Batman page
Superman page
"Chaplin" 1992  Lobbies
Bob Dylan book (signed)
Edward Gorey page -- some signed works

Previous updates

Joseph Cornell Shadow Box
Duke Ellington sheet music
Ruth Etting sheet music
New signed Clark Gable photo -- Updated!
Shooting schedule for "Animal House"
Pre production draft for "Apocalypse Now"
Children's book signed by Baryshnikov
"Bad and the Beautiful" Lobby Card
Errol Flynn items
"The Cain Mutiny" -- Estimating Draft
Harrison Ford: "Blade Runner"
"This Gun for Hire" dialogue script
Greta Garbo Postcards
Toshiro Mifune "Red Sun"
Alfred Hitchcock items -- "Frenzy" & "Topaz"
Cagney & Blondell "Blond Crazy"
Two"African Queen" FOH's
James Dean Photo
Marilyn Monroe Photo
"Travels With My Aunt" shooting script
Charlie Chaplin now has his own page
Am. League Baseball
More biog. on Busby Berkeley's page
Pictures of Sig with Buster Crabbe
Stephen King added
Ken Kesey added
Woody Allen added
Barbra Streisand added
Orson Welles added
Frankie "Tram" Trumbauer added
Lennie Hayton autograph (Lena Horne's husband)
Read essay "Humphrey and Bogey"
Margaret Rutherford catagory added
Some new items in Jazz 3 section
Another rare Fats Waller signature
2 pictures added to Cary Grant(w/Ginger Rogers)
Clint Eastwood authentic autograph on lobby card
Bob Dylan added to list on left   -- plus more pix
Reproductions catagory added
Arthur Miller added
Baseball catagory added
Item added to Greta Garbo
Star Wars added
William Powell added
Rolling Stones added
Items added to John Wayne
Items added to Tennessee Williams
Items added to Walt Disney
Items added to Astair-Rogers
Lobby cards added
Items added to James Dean
Marilyn Monroe picture added
Items added to Astaire-Rogers page
Items added to Bogart page
Items added to
Hemingway & Cooper pages
Jean Gabin lobby cards added
Jean Gabin page added
New Charles Chaplin poster
New Rudolf Nureyev items on Ballet page
Greer Garson page added
New page of lobby cards added
New Items on Greta Garbo & Clark Gable's page
more lobby cards added
Vintage Wayne & Colbert photo added
See and Buy rare Mae West Broadside!
Even MORE cards added
Lobby Cards from other pages gathered here
Lobby Cards section added -- new items for sale.

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